Death Vs Life,death tree,growing plant,green,deforestation,afternoon

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it…

The ending of life and the beginning of life is really well depicted through this picture. It takes years for a plant to become a tree and then it gets cut in one go but small plants despite being small stay green and happy. Also as it is said new life begins after death and same can be seen clearly here. In life too we are very busy in acquiring more and more comforts that we forget to enjoy whatever we already have in life and thus don’t feel content within life with just family and friends.

Rock Dove,pigeons,free,freedom,live,lively

Freedom is the oxygen to the soul…

In life freedom plays a very integral part. Looking at these free pigeons we can surely realize the need to have freedom. Also this picture reveals that oneness and unity is very necessary in the journey of life. Every year thousands of birds are caged. If as humans we are made to sit in one small closed room for one entire day we cannot imagine how it would be but these creatures do and they pay a huge price for it.

Indian Palm Squirrel,sweet,cute,innocent,lively,natural,special

The two most important moments in a squirrel’s life: when it is born & when it knows why it was born…

This is my first captured picture. At first glance you will be drawn towards the purity and innocence of the squirrel. You can also feel the depth in its eyes as if asking – why can’t you and I live in harmony? After all it’s my home too. At the same time the photo also give an essence of calmness before the starting of a very hectic day when the sun rises and we see these little creatures around us. It gives us peace of mind.


Nature always wears colors of spirit…

What can I say about nature? These are just some leaves but when you look at them you feel so much refreshed and rejuvenated. The mixing of colors looks phenomenal. We can never imagine how much nature has given us. When we are upset and disturbed spending even just a little time with nature can bring some life back in us and gives us reasons to smile. When we go somewhere to relax we always choose places of natural beauty and serenity but never a mall or busy city life. Closeness to nature always provides us peace.

Beautiful Morning,silhouette,clouds,cotton balls,morning,fantastic

Sun glows for a day,
Candle for an hour,
Matchstick for a minute,
But a good day can glow forever…

What a lovely morning. These clouds look like cotton balls sticked in the sky. The sky looks similar to a fairy tale. The silhouette with trees and leaves is looking amazing. The sun is about to rise and all these beautiful clouds gonna fade making the sky blank. According to me the quote suits the pic perfectly as a beautiful day like this will remain in our memories forever and instill hope in us that life is amazing.


Animals have few rights, but they have every right to be here and be free…

This picture is simply amazing. When you look at this picture for once you forget that it is a wild animal and can cause you harm but you are fascinated by its beauty. One thing I personally feel is – this beauty is not meant for keeping in a cage. Animals be it pet or wild have the right to be free, but when they are put in cages, they forget living their life as they are only kept for human’s entertainment. If we ourselves cannot live in a cage so why not let others be free too.

Crepuscular Rays,yellow,brown,sunlight,clouds,exquisite

The sun never stops shining; sometime you just have to look beyond the clouds to see it…

It looks like god is coming to visit earth. The crepuscular rays just look fantastic. The clouds have a major role in making this special as some are black, some white and some even brown, so it seems to represent life, sometimes hard and sometimes amazing. Also the clouds are in the way of sunlight but sun just shines more brightly and rays make their way out of them. So we should be inspired in life like this creating way out from our problems and shine like the sun spreading our rays everywhere.

Peacock,beautiful,national bird,wonderful,natural

A peacock has too little in his head, and too much in his tail…

Peacock – one of the most beautiful birds in the world. The picture was captured just a second before its flight. Its looks like a painting made by an excellent artist. Although this bird is amazing in itself but I want to add one thing about it that it truly looks like the king of all the birds. Also I can never forget the pose this peacock gave me for this picture. One more thing you feel is pure royalty when you see this photograph.

Haunted Tree,shadow,scary,fearful,mysterious

All houses are haunted. All persons are haunted. Everything is just only haunted. Throngs of spirits follow us everywhere. We are never alone…

Looking at the shade of this tree anyone would look twice as this is neither an effect nor any photoshop editing. We all feel at some point of time presence of something unnatural going around and this is an example of that – how can a shadow of a tree so beautiful be so fearful. I clicked this picture as I was too amazed to see such a rare sight like this.


At sunset, nature is painting for us… Day after day… Pictures of infinite beauty…

What a fantastic picture. The yellow-orangish tone is looking phenomenal. The silhouette of the trees below is giving a lovely feel. Sunset is the time of formation of beautiful paintings in the sky. The sky is looking exceptional. The presence of clouds make a contrast that bad days surely comes in everyone’s life even the sun itself but it’s up to you to fight bravely and shine brightly like the sun, spreading your light everywhere, also leaving behind a tint of yourself in every obstacle you face.