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Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.

It is one of the most beautiful scooters I have even seen. When I saw this masterpiece I wanted to keep it forever and do long drives on highway on it showing off its uniqueness. This amazing art piece had been created by the brilliant artists of the Cartist Automobile Art Festival. Art has no boundaries and I sometimes wonder people who create such fantastic pieces, how fantastic they would be from inside to bring out the inner creativity out and present it so nicely.

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Ability is what we are capable of doing. Motivation determines what we do. And attitude determines how well we do it.

Dance for kindness’ is very famous across the world. It is an annual event done to spread message of kindness and love among the people of different countries and cities across the world by individuals who are of any age but with similar interest of bringing more joy into this world. This is a photograph of the first Jaipur edition of Dfk which was done by around 50 members along with kids who made the pretty moves to showcase what kindness means to them and I want to dedicate the above quote to them. Cheers.


Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see.

This picture is of a mirror at an exhibition. There is reflection in the mirror which looks like part of it but that is of the decoration of the function. It is looking similar to a wedding decoration due to brightly colored ribbons. Just one thing is missing – a face looking in the mirror which will take this picture to new heights. The copper base is making it look more appealing and rich by its texture. In a simple word, it is ‘exquisite’.

Letter Earthling, Letter, Good Way, Heart, Kindness, Warmth, Acts Of Kindness, The Goodwill Tribe, Jaipur, Letter Earthling, Spread Love, Smiles, Happiness

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.

The first chapter of ‘Letter Earthlings’ that was held in Jaipur went pretty good. The people present there wrote beautiful letters to strangers to make them feel uplifted and pleasant as there is nothing more special and relaxing than reading a letter written for you. Today in the world of technological advancement we have email, text message, mobile, computer etc to make things easy for us but the place created by that sheet of paper written by hand just for you can never be replaced.

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Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.

This is a picture of an Aok card which were distributed after a ‘dance for kindness’ event. They each have an act of kindness written on them which we need to do and pass it on to the next individual who would do the same to keep the chain of kindness going. Kindness can do wonders and one of the wonders is that it makes us feel special and contented. When we give selfless love to others that love is so pure that it even melts the hearts of the toughest and brings out the purest joys.


Colors are the smiles of nature…

Such a colorful decoration. All the colors look vibrant and sparkling. It is somewhere said that colors can make everything look alive and this is what happened in this picture – colors have made it look lively. Whenever we see bright colors, it creates a wonderful feeling and motivates us to fill our lives with these colors. The sunlight coming from behind adds to the beauty of picture. There are specific portions of each color in life like this pic as balance is required but every color try’s to bring smile with itself.

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Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.

These royal vintage cars are shining like stars. This picture has been shot in Cartist Automobile Art Festival where these amazing cars were on display. Jaipur had been and still is in royal family hands and these vehicles are their pride and steal the heart of everyone. The things which we love and  feel authentic should be collected and stored as we will always be attached to those things and will have stories related to them which makes our house complete.

Praveen Lata Sanathan, Nothing, Beautiful, Real, Smile, Struggled, Tears, Jaipur, Praveen Lata Sanathan, Society, Encouragement, NGO, Women Empowerment, Noble Cause, Love

Nothing is more beautiful than a real smile that has struggled through tears.

PraveenLata Sansthan a NGO in Jaipur had organized an event to encourage the girls who passed through difficult times and along with that gave them a movie party too. PraveenLata Sansthan is working for the betterment of society since 2013. Child Welfare, Women Empowerment as well as Rural and Urban development are the primary areas of concern for which PraveenLata Sansthan aims to work. I am very happy to be connected with such an amazing organization who is working for such a noble cause and spreading love.

Colorful Strips,colors,jlf,ribbons

Life is meant to be colorful…

This picture was captured at a Literature Fest. The decoration of the fest was beautiful and outstanding. These colorful straps were giving an exquisite feel to the overall location. The cloth of straps used over here is ‘Rajasthani leheriya’ and so the overall effect you get is a beautiful woman wearing a saree and dancing. The sky between the straps and the green trees were also enhancing its beauty. The colors also have a calm and soothing feel. If I want to say one word for the overall setting so it would be a ‘Paradise’.

Dfk Group Jaipur, Great, Burden, Lightened, Efforts, Hands, Good, Cause, Life Vest Inside, Dfk Jaipur 2016, Kindness, Smile, Love, Care, Change, Help, Better World, Wtp, Betterment, Acts Of Kindness, Dance, Orange, Warmth, Heart, Jaipur, World Trade Park

Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause.

This is a photograph of a ‘Dance for Kindness’ dance group. It was the first time that such an event was organized in Jaipur and that’s the reason behind every smile and people were very happy to welcome it in Jaipur. The enthusiasm of every participant, even the kids was so high to turn Jaipur orange. This photo was taken after the event but you can see their faces steering away from all the tiredness and just focusing on spreading the message of kindness and love.