“When someone asks me what photography equipment I use, I tell them my eyes.”

Photography is not just about clicking yourself but photography is about capturing emotions and life as we go through it. A photo is just a piece of paper but it has the ability to express better than words. In photography it’s not about the photo being good or bad, it’s like what it is trying to present is conveyed properly or not. There are thousands of good photographs but still we don’t like all of them as we cannot get what they are trying to convey.

Being a photographer we should be able to justify clearly what we see and it should reach the audience the same. Also in photography, time matters a lot. Sometimes some amazing photos are just missed by a fraction of seconds. Photography develops some qualities like patience, concentration and most importantly way of looking at things. Also to be alert is vital for photography as you can miss out something special.

And I want to tell you one thing which I learnt in photography that – the best photos are not of great sight, they are of simple objects present in great style…